Whiteboard Video

How do you get your message across in a fun, entertaining, and unexpected way? Try a whiteboard video! Whiteboard videos are hand drawn animation sometimes referred to as “doodle” or “explainer” videos. Basically the idea is to drill down a complicated concept so it is visually easy to watch and comprehend quickly. We recently shot such a video to explain the benefits of the Tour Preferred Golf Ball by TaylorMade. Although it may look like a simple cartoon drawing, you would be surprised at what goes into it. Storyboards are worked on by a professional illustrator who then draws them directly on the whiteboard which is being recorded by the camera in real time. Through the magic of post-production, the drawing speed is accelerated (one day of shooting distilled into one minute of video) so the finished product looks like this:

Whiteboard videos are catchy way of conveying your information in an engaging and memorable way. Viewers are busy visualizing what is about to be drawn which helps store your message in their memory. And it stops viewers from channel surfing during commercial breaks. Try a whiteboard video for your next project – they are great way to keep things fresh.