Underwater Video

It’s not every workday that you get to spend your time poolside. But that is exactly what happened on our shoot for Zodiac’s Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners. Our marching orders were to kick up the production value of their videos. So we went all out and commissioned an experienced underwater cinematographer who could shoot using a 4k camera to ensure the most creative footage possible. We knew he was perfect for the job when he mentioned he was just returning from a week at sea shooting sharks for a nature documentary. If he could chase down great whites and live to talk about it, the Polaris Pool Cleaners had met their match! When he arrived on set, we had him jump in the pool with his wetsuit on and spend the day chasing the ever elusive Polaris Cleaner. With an experienced eye for underwater shooting coupled with a 4k camera, we had plenty of gorgeous footage to choose from. Our editors created motion graphics to give the video the final dynamic touch it needed. See for yourself: