Customer Profile

Mesa Rim, a climbing gym located in San Diego was the location for this video. In this customer profile video, the concept was to show how natural light from Solatube industrial lighting can be used in large commercial buildings to bring a feeling of outdoors to the inside. This is a new product for Solatube and Mesa Rim is a visually appealing location to show how it performs. To cover the large area of this building, two production techniques were use to give the feeling of motion and space.

The first technique was to use a gyro stabilized gimbal camera rig. This device allows the camera operator to move through a space and provide a smooth stable picture while panning and tilting the camera. Gyro stabilized gimbal rigs have become a popular lower cost alternative to using a full Stedicam rig. Many of the interior shots in this video were made with this rig.

The second technique was to use a camera mounted drone. The use of drones for video production has exploded in the last few years. Knowing how to use a drone is only part of the challenge. Like all production techniques, they should support the story, not distract from it. The sixty foot ceilings provided a challenge to show the effects of the lighting on the climbing walls. Flying the drone through the building gives the viewer a different perspective of the interior walls, much like how the climber might see the walls as they are climbing. Most of the exterior shots were made with the drone as well. Being able to fly the drone over the roof gives the viewer a sense of how the Solatube products look on the outside.

Finding the right location along with using the appropriate production techniques are important to telling a story that will draw the viewer in. Scratch Media’s unique story telling techniques makes this an engaging video that showcases the Solatube products in a visually exciting environment.