How do you keep your viewers engaged when the content is technical and you want to entertain as well as educate your audience? Go with a lightboard video as TaylorMade golf has done to explain the R&D that goes into making their clubs great. Take a look at a past video we shot for them in this style:

Now don’t be fooled – this might look easy to shoot, but that could not be further from the truth. It took an expert crew of over 15 to pull this off. The beauty of this style is that as the speaker is giving you a lecture he can simultaneously draw what he talking about as he looks directly at you. Making it seamless from the viewer’s perspective, but not from ours. It took a full day of shooting in our studio with plenty of technical magic to pull this off: building the lightboard from scratch, lighting it perfectly, and using a switcher and mirror on the camera so the expert could see what he was drawing in real time. And these are only some of the elements! As you can see, a lot goes into making this look simple. Take a look at this behind the scenes photo to give you an idea of what all that went into this production.

As you can see, the final product is state of art! A style to keep in mind for your next video.